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Welcome to ddlgame ,the most secure network of online game currency, ddlgame provides gamers with fast transactions, 24-hour customer service and guaranteed transactional security. ddlgame is dedicated to improving gamer services and fostering a more enjoyable gaming experience.



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Recent Reviews (305 Feedback received)
i first using this website purchase items.First very worry.After i paid, items also online get it.very Excellent service can trust it. i sincerely thank ddlgame n sorry before purchase items what i make.ddlgame keep it up.
Reply : Thanks for choosing and trust us.You can believe us provide more bonus for old customers.
Name:fonglinger Ip:119.56.50.* Time:2012-10-30
Just perfect. Almost one minute! I was scared, but now i'm a big fan of the site!
Name:Lucastav Ip:177.42.240.* Time:2012-10-24
I bought so many items here, and i wish if there is any sale please inform me. :) Since I bought a lot of items here, maybe you can give me an advance gift for this coming Christmas :) or you can give me at least discount whenever i buy something here, that would be highly appreciated.
Reply : Thanks for your support.we have bonus and discount for old and reliable customers like you:)
Name:jeffrey Ip:2.51.26.* Time:2012-09-22
I really enjoyed shopping here :).Its super fast and super safe. Thanks a lot till next time
Name:ceej Ip:67.164.98.* Time:2012-09-04
items are overpriced, cheaper to buy from players who quit the game (muonline).
Reply : We are trying to lower the price ,make discount of all items to meet our customers satisfied,and we did compare with other websites.Maybe you can get lower price from personal players with risk.We supply products with 100%safe and handwork.Above,We will still doing our best to meet your needs.Thanks for your support! Sincerely Fiona ddlgame
Name:buyer Ip:82.29.189.* Time:2012-08-08
Im a old costumer, im really happy to know this shopping web, it´s safe, nice discount .. my suggestion is only about should habe more items in valhalla server,
Name:Passalacqua Ip:190.215.81.* Time:2012-07-16
I'm here only for the discounts ;) love em!
Name:Merculova Ip:84.50.177.* Time:2012-07-07
Nice and very helpful service i enjoy it very much =]
Name:Dani Ip:2.55.112.* Time:2012-07-02
Everything was incredibly fast. :D Recommended.
Name:Prom King Ip:108.35.42.* Time:2012-07-02
Great service and quality products with effecient communication. I like this website. Try it!
Name:Moisac Ip:121.6.53.* Time:2012-07-01
Excellent Service. Very Helpful, Honest Prompt and Will work with you to fully satisfy the customer :) Very Easy Site (c9)
Reply : Thanks for your trust .
Name:RandomPerson Ip:68.119.202.* Time:2012-07-01
Love how easy the site is to use and how fast the service is! Literally just buy and then go to chat and they deliver. Thanks for this service!
Reply : Thanks for the support.we will do our best to serve our customers.
Name:Jonathan Ip:99.180.114.* Time:2012-06-30
Reply : Thanks for the support.we will do our best to serve our customers.
Name:HANZ Ip:173.171.154.* Time:2012-06-30
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