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Welcome to ddlgame ,the most secure network of online game currency, ddlgame provides gamers with fast transactions, 24-hour customer service and guaranteed transactional security. ddlgame is dedicated to improving gamer services and fostering a more enjoyable gaming experience.


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About Us

Company introduction

Our company holds years of experience in dealing with MMO in-game trading.We offer professional services with additional advanced technologies to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.We value are customers satisfaction as number one priority thus our services are delivered quickly and reliable.ddlgame does not farm or use bots or macros of any kind to create or collect virtual assets.

We set out with one simple concept in mind. To put the customer first and let
everything else, every business activity and consideration flow from that principle.

We appreciate all the hard earned money you spend on our service and it is our
mission to deliver friendly and excellent service to you in return. If you have
any questions or thoughts regarding our site please feel free to contact us.



 To meet customers' need wholeheartedly and make them satisfied with our service
 To create value and benefits for customers give them low price and high quality service
 To become a world-wide gold supplier and a trusted exchange platform 
 To build up core advantages over competitors in e-business technology and R&D


The best choice of choosing us:


ddlgame is a large online game value provider which can integrate a variety of services,
game communities and other resources.
We are not only concerned about profit. We fully understand the importance of customer
satisfaction to us in order to achieve sustainable development of the company
in a long run. Non-financial performance measures have been using to set up essential
mechanism to ensure our customers are 100% happy. Periodical opinion handling survey
will be sent out to gather information of our service quality and any valued
suggestions will be taken into consideration to improve our service further in the
future. ddlgame isn't your only choice but your best choice. Join us now! ddlgame
is PayPal verified, so buy with confidence!


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